AN inspired tribe of laney & lu brand ambassadors


If you're reading this, that means we think you're pretty special. Thank you for your interest in joining the Lu Squad: an inspired tribe of Laney & Lu Brand Ambassadors.

As an Ambassador, you are entering into what we hope is a super fun, mutually-beneficial partnership with Laney & Lu. We will promote you on our website and give you some cool swag and perks like discounts on food and merch, We'll invite you to exclusive Brand Ambassador events so you can be the first to taste new menu items and grab-and-go snacks. 

As an Ambassador, we ask you to go out into your network to promote Laney & Lu to your friends/family/clients by sharing our mission and encouraging them to check us out.

In addition, we want you to also inspire those around you to eat consciously by eating whole, nutrient dense foods and to live vibrantly by being heart-centered, pursuing your passions, and inspiring others to do the same. Ambassadors make sustainable choices with the products they use/purchase, support other local small businesses like farmers, and contribute to making the world a better place by a devotion to social action.

We ask that Ambassadors have 6-10 Laney & Lu touch points per month. Examples of touch points might include:



    • Wear your Laney & Lu t-shirt, tank top or hat when out in public at the gym/studio, events, festivals and other very social gatherings.
    • Upload photos/videos to your social media accounts of you/others enjoying Laney & Lu and loving it.
    • Promote Laney & Lu on your blog.


    • Serve Laney & Lu at a social function (neighborhood party, happy hour, BBQ, etc)
    • Give Laney & Lu swag to others (stickers, posters, etc).
    • Give Laney & Lu coupons to those who have never been to L&L before.
    • Compel others to embrace the “Live Vibrantly” movement, encourage them to dream big, and to perform simple acts of loving kindness.
    • Volunteer at a local organization, preferably while wearing your Laney & Lu gear.
    • Go beyond local. Attend farmers' markets, local arts and music events, 5K races, etc. while wearing your Laney & Lu gear.


    • Ambassador Welcome Kit including Laney & Lu t-shirt or tank, stickers, posters, coupons, and mug.

    • 25% discount on all food and beverage purchases. (Sorry, we can not extend this discount to purchases for friends and family.)
    • 50% discount on all retail merchandise purchases.
    • Exclusive Brand Ambassador events.
    • Invitation to taste test and evaluate new menu items.
    • Exclusive invites to participate in strategic planning sessions.