Welcome to the lu farm

Heidelberg Farms has teamed up with Laney & Lu Cafe to cultivate nearly 60sf of container gardening space on our beautiful patio using organic compost and non-GMO seeds. Throughout the growing season Steve Phillips, owner and founder of HF, will be caring for our garden with Myles, L&L Director of Culinary, and Team Lu, as well as leading community gardening workshops.

Stay tuned for more details on what we're up to as we eagerly await the warmer temperatures! We'll update you on our Lu Farm blog about what's growing and share lots of helpful info on sustainable agriculture. Join the convo on Instagram where we'll keep you posted every step of the way!

What's growing now

- Curly kale
- Rainbow chard
- Mixed greens
- Basil
- Cilantro
- Peas
- Nasturtiums
- Cucumber
- Corn

CULTIVATED IN collaboration with




A 1999 graduate of Penn College, Steve Phillips is the founder and owner of Heidelberg Farms – a name he chose to honor his roots in Pennsylvania. Steve believes soil health is directly tied to the health of people and the planet.

Heidelberg Farms specializes in the custom application of compost, compost teas, and extracts. They use methods that repopulate, feed and stimulate high populations of diverse soil organisms. 

An active and diverse soil food web will: suppress diseases, retain nutrients, reduce nitrate and phosphorus leaching and make nutrients available to plant roots in the right form at the right time during the growing season. It will also detoxify or decompose harmful substances like excess salts and chemicals, improve the structure of soils, increase water holding capacity, improve root depth and root health, and help maintain aerobic conditions. All making gardening more fun and healthy!

Contact Steve, here.