Kitchen Leader, Full-Time

LANEY & LU is looking for a Kitchen Leader for our PORTSMOUTH,NH location. The Kitchen Leader must be a culinary expert, looking to create mostly raw food, organic food, and healthy, whole food creations that nourish the body and feed the soul. The Kitchen Leader must place special emphasis on accessing locally sourced and organic foods whenever possible to reinforce our commitment to the community to: Eat Consciously. Live Vibrantly.

The Kitchen Leader position is similar to a traditional chef position but with a greater degree of focus on operational leadership, team development, excellence standards, and process and procedure than culinary development. At LANEY & LU, we believe that everyone is responsible for living into our core values and upholding our excellence standards for restaurant environment, food preparation, and guest experience. The Kitchen Leader’s primary responsibility is to lead and oversee the operation of the House kitchen, kitchen team including Kitchen Prep I/II/III and Dish Boss, oversee inventory management systems, and preparation of food for daily service. The Kitchen Leader is on a mission to create cohesiveness amongst the entire team in collaboration with the House Leader and thrives on open communication in order to promote LANEY & LU’s “1 House/1 Team” mentality. The Kitchen Leader is also cross-trained in all areas of the restaurant and eager to respond to the needs of the team whether it is for line production or customer service. The Kitchen Leader reports to the House Leader and collaborates closely with the Owner/CEO.

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