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Company contribution is executed in all aspects of our day-to-day operations, our sourcing and sustainability ethos, and culture.

Through the food, merchandise, and gift card donations, and our Help Others program, we create community engagement opportunities for ALTITUDE employees that are meaningful, purposeful, and help those in need. At the same time, we believe that participating in these activities enriches and inspires all our lives.

" With LANEY & LU, Jennifer Desrosiers has created not only a physical place with delicious and healing food and drink, but also an inspiring cornerstone from which community has engaged and grown around the ideals its founder has embraced: connectivity, generosity, quality, and bad-assery.”

Evan Mallett

James Beard Nominated Chef, Founder Black Trumpet

Our Story

Our Story

At LANEY & LU, we believe food can serve a far greater purpose than to simply fill our stomachs. The 'right' food nourishes our souls, builds community, and connects us with the earth.

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A community action plan supporting neighbors in need.

  • Serving meals to local charitable organizations
  • Driven by the support of our community
  • Changing lives + making nourishing foods accessible to everyone

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LANEY & LU loves to support local businesses, organizations, and events that enforce our core values of community and contribution.

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